Claire Cappetta  

A Woman's Journey from Abuse to Empowerment


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Endorsement for A Broken Ring

"An engaging and riveting journey that impacts both the mind and heart. The reader is immediately captivated from the opening lines and is launched on a journey of discovery and empowerment. I guarantee you will be overcome by your need to read what happens next. This is a powerful story of discovery and hope for anyone who has been impacted (directly or indirectly) by abuse."

Dennis E. Golden
CEO, IM-SAFE® Keeping Women And Those They Love Safe

Endorsement for Stalking Liberty
~ Are you safe?...

"The story line was more complex with the added element of suspense."
For survivors and anyone who helps them -- essential powerful reading, recovery and how perpetrators fight to get away with it. Women in abusive relationships tell themselves these things every day In this groundbreaking book. Domestic abuse is in the papers every day. Maybe this book will give women the courage to leave their abusers and help us to better understand this growing problem. 

What an amazing story about a damaged, abuse and waiting to exhale."

Theresa A.H. McIntosh.
Former Mayoral appointee, representing the voice of the victims.
Mayors-office to combat Domestic Violence Women's advocate @ Barrier Free Living
Motivational Speaker, Empowering Women with Disabilities

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Lydia Castle is fifteen, naïve and living in Yorkshire, England. 

Her world is turned upside down in one day.  Too scared to tell her parents, knowing her father will look for vengeance. 

Lydia’s life is in danger, struggling to survive. 

Lydia Castle is thirty and living as a single parent in Yorkshire, England. She is an independent woman...

Quietly, there is a car parked two houses away from hers, lying in wait, in the darkness. The same car that follows her everywhere she goes...

Someone is stalking her. 

Welcome to the official website of Claire Cappetta,
who is a creative writer. Born and raised in Yorkshire, England.

Claire has published A Broken Ring ~ A Journey to Empowerment and Stalking Liberty ~ Are you safe?... Parts One and Two in the Ride to Liberty Trilogy, which follows a woman’s journey through relationships, abuse and domestic violence through to inspiration and empowerment.

Stories of Survival
Narcissistic Mothers

You are not alone ~ Join in the journey to empowerment!

The end of last year I was privileged to meet survivors of Narcissist Mothers. The stories were amazing! They were powerful, emotional, heartbreaking, up lifting and empowering. One common core to all these stories were that they went through it all alone...

Can you imagine that? To be beaten, have your family manipulated around you, lose your children because they too are manipulated to turn against you, YOU! Their own mother...

These survivors were constantly told they are useless, no good, to or for society, told they are ugly, plain and that no-one will ever love them.

Families are destroyed, pulled apart, children are taken away from their mother's.

Sadly, this is all too real, it happens everywhere, all around the world. How do you think this makes people feel? The one person who should be there to support and love you, is you're own mother.

Can, we the survivors take this to the courthouse? No. Why? Because there are no laws to support us for emotional and physical abuse after a certain age and how many children understand or know what is happening to them while they young when they are being emotionally manipulated. Sadly, it drives many to self harm and even suicide.  Many grow up wondering what a healthy relationship is, with low self esteem. Society then wonders why women can find it so difficult to leave an abusive marriage.

This is why I am compiling this book "Stories of Survival from Narcissistic Mothers - You are not alone". This book is the silent, powerful friend of people looking for help and validation. To help them understand why they feel they way they do, even understand if they have C-PTSD. It will have contacts and links for help to counselors, suicide prevention and therapy. I believe in empowering people, turning those who are suffering into victors, healing warriors!

We need to make this book the very best it can be!

You can be part of this journey too!

We are asking for donations and sponsorship to help put this together and get it onto every book store, both in paperback and electronic ebook (i.e. Kindle, Nook, Kobo etc). Sponsors can/ will be added into the book, showing their support with their company logo. Please contact us for levels of sponsorships. Or you can donate using Paypal .

The donations and sponsorship funds will pay for professional editing, graphic design for the final front cover and promotion. We have a professional Publishing Agency in the UK, waiting for the book to be finalized!!
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