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Energy Healing

Four Element Energy Healing is a practice that has been around for centuries and is based on the belief that everything in our universe is made up of the four elements – earth, air, fire, and water. By tapping into the power of these elements, and using them to cleanse the chakras, individuals can experience profound healing and transformation. As a Spiritual Life Coach, I believe in the power of this practice and have seen its transformative effects on many of my clients. It is a powerful way to energetically shift the mind and body and to restore balance and harmony.


Is Four Element Healing different from Reiki?

At Four Element Healing, we offer a unique approach to spiritual healing that sets us apart from conventional practices like Reiki. Our focus on the four elements of nature--earth, air, fire, and water--helps you connect more deeply with yourself and find balance in all aspects of your life.

What can you expect to feel during a Four Element Healing Session?


My Four Element Healing sessions are designed to help you connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Through the use of meditation, visualization, and other techniques, we will explore the four elements of water, air, fire, and earth, and how they can help you heal and grow. Each session is tailored to your unique needs and goals, and you can expect to feel relaxed, grounded, and energized.

How will you feel after a healing?


After the healing, you may feel more relaxed, at ease and feel that a burden has been lifted. Others might feel emotions or feelings of anger, which can be a natural part of the healing process and journey, allowing your body to let these emotions (which can sometimes be suppressed) rise to the surface and to be released.


How many healing sessions will you need?

Some people require just one healing session while others may need additional healing depending on their situation. I am happy to advise you if additional healing sessions are recommended. Ultimately, It is your decision. 

Do you have to follow a certain Religion to receive Four Element Healing?


Four Element healing is not based on any religion and you don't have to follow any religious beliefs to attend a healing session. Even if you don't believe in spirituality and shamanism, the healing will work, it does always help though if the client is open to working with the elements and nature.



It can not be forced upon a client. I act as a channel and it is up to the client's system and body to accept the energies and the healing elements and allow healing to take place. It is done on a subconscious level. It does aid the healing process if a person consciously decides that they are open to healing. It is more on an emotional level through the emotion of unconditional and compassionate love.



Experience the benefits of Four Element healing for yourself, and book a Four Element Energy Healing session now.

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