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Welcome to the Magical, Mystical World of Spiritual Awakening!

I have created a beautiful community to help you on your spiritual awakening journey, to heal from abuse through beautiful journeys and working with the angels and ascended masters.


Maybe you have tried "Talk Therapy" and yet still feel stuck or that through your spiritual awakening, no one understands, or you have mind crashes, flashbacks, anxiety, and stress and feel re-traumatized all over again! 

The core of my work is for you to heal on a much deeper energetic, higher conscious level!

What You Get!

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Weekly Live Call & Circles Led By Claire Discussion, Q&A, Breakouts, and Live Coaching 

Workshops and or Moon Ceremonies Every Month Aligned with the Month’s Spiritual subject to

support you in creating practices for yourself to anchor into the cycles of life ($145 value)


A Private Tribe Forum is a sacred container in an app, holding meditations, printable ebooks, workbooks, and journals, for your spiritual development, including angels, crystals, goddesses, divine feminine rising, starseeds, and soo much more!

Group Energy Healing each week


A Personal Guided Reading for the month

Guided Meditations to re-train the neural pathways in your mind, healing your emotional and physical


Private Social Group with Direct Access— To connect, share, and get your questions answered by Claire and your Like-Minded Soul-Sisters… a Safe Space to belong and show up Exactly As You Are! (priceless)

Special Member-Only BonusesGifts, Discounts, Special Member-Only Calls, First Access new Soul Warrior offerings, and more! 

This is a membership where I show you the magical and mystical healings and teachings, of Hermeticism, Wicca, Occultism and so much more!

This is healing on a deeper, energetic level with angels


Hi, I'm Claire, a clairvoyant and medium, I talk to angels, and spirit guides, and can guide you on a much deeper level on your healing journey! I also hold diplomas in life coaching, psychology, mental health, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I transcend and guide you in meditations, workshops, a weekly video chat, posts and so much more in a vibrant, caring community!

Are you ready to live a more abundant life?

A survivor, a thriver...

A Soul Warrior!


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Soul Warrior, we are here right now,  with a community waiting to welcome you to the path of your most magical life!

We’re told: That to be “good”, you have to put your needs, desires, dreams, and LIFE aside for others.


So many of us go through our days without taking a second to think, “What do I want? What do I need right now?”

Whatever roles you hold in your life, in every moment you have the ability

and permission to take a stand for yourself.

This Is For You If...

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You are searching for deeper answers about your souls mission and deeper calling

Soul Warrior Star.png

You are going through a spiritual awakening and you feel like your life is being turned inside out

Soul Warrior Star.png

Everything is changing so fast around you, you are struggling with direction

Soul Warrior Star.png

You've experienced trauma and pain and you want to heal on a deeper soul level

Soul Warrior Star.png

You've been looking for a community, that understands you because you feel alone in your healing and spiritual awakening path


Welcome, Soul Warrior!

I created this space for you to CELEBRATE your own feminine and masculine power, learn true self-leadership, and grow into the most powerful versions of yourself. I hope you will join us on the journey….

Claire xx 


Become a Soul Warrior!
You Have Permission to Live With Purpose & Power!

What if you take it?
What if you decided today to… 
Put yourself, your fulfillment, pleasure, and happiness FIRST.
Celebrate yourself as the soul warrior and leader that you are.
Embrace the love and support of other like-minded soul warriors.


We’re told: “good people put themselves last…”
That’s the problem.

We’ve all heard it in some variation. To be “good”, you have to put your needs, desires, dreams, and LIFE aside for others.

So many of us go through our days without taking a second to think,

“What do I want? What do I need right now?”


Beautiful soul, you ARE UNIQUE! Whatever roles you hold in your life, in every moment you have the ability and permission to take a stand for yourself and discover your own true soul path!

We are here in this spiritual community to participate in a different story, of healing, support, and learning to lean into the magical!

You are magical and unique! Made of Stars!

It's time to step into your power!

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"If you're always trying to be normal,
you will never know how amazing you can be!"

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- Maya Angelou

Pay by Credit/Debit Card

(Not a contract, Cancel any time)

  • Soul Warrior Tribe Founder

    Every month
    Pay As You Go Monthly
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Soul Warriors love the tribe!

Self Discovery

Self Love


  • Discover what you truly want in life and start clearing the blocks.

  • Workshops, Deep Learning, and Healing

  • New and Full Moon Ceremonies 

  • Live Coaching

  • Meditations to clear the blocks holding you back

  • Affirmations to help you finally breakthrough

  • Group Healing

  • Ebooks, journals, and workbooks

  • Group Community Chat for support and friendship

  • Everything you need to know on your spiritual journey!

Soul Warrior (1).png

Now more than ever, we feel we need the bonds of community that extend beyond oceans and borders…

This community is a place to SHOW UP AS YOU ARE.

To be SEEN & WITNESSED on your journey toward your most beautiful soul self. To be taken by the hand and gently guided and supported

We are here to reclaim our Unique Gifts
and connect to our Soul’s Divine Purpose 

Become a Soul Warrior!
Over £1,200 / $1,526  worth of content every month.

for only $9.99 

Why this price?

It works out to less than a coffee a day, see this supportive community as a monthly gym membership for your soul, for the year ahead.

This is not a disposable purchase, you will click ‘buy’ on it and then forget all about it.

The Soul Warrior Tribe is a community for your self-growth and is the best investment you can make! 

Not everyone can afford to spend hundreds and thousands on attending

retreats, seminars, and masterminds!

But I believe everyone who is committed to becoming the greatest version of themselves, can invest less than the price of a coffee per day. 

This is for those who are ready to step up and embody their full soul essence and claim their power!

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Simply subscribe using the button below.

After checkout, you will be given details with everything you need, including an invitation to the Spaces app to access all the juicy content, ebook, journals, courses, etc, and a link to easily chat, share and join the wonderful supportive spiritual community.

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Soul Warrior Plans


Soul Warrior Tribe Founder



Every month

Pay As You Go Monthly

Valid until canceled

6 Months & Save!

Soul Warrior Gold



Every 6 months

6 Months and Save!

Valid until canceled

Sisters Love the Soul Warrior Tribe!! 

I have been with Claire Cappetta for well over a year
Her meditations have helped me so much.  Claire's meditation helped my trauma so much I've stopped sleepwalking my Night terrors are gone, these things I've suffered with for over 25 years.  
Here I am a year on no trauma, no PTSD attacks. I love meditating its part of my life, with Claire's calm soothing voice transports me to another dimension.  
My visions have been amazing.  
I've got a healing guide I met through Claire's healing meditation. I'm truly grateful to Claire she has helped me find my true authentic self.
Thank you for believing in me  x x

Jacqueline Gorman

Being part of the Soul Warrior Tribe is an awesome experience.  Claire Cappetta is a great leader she makes sure we are all doing good. Warrior tribe has a lot of resources on our spaces app. I have learned so much from Claire Cappetta and she has a great amount of patience. We are a great caring community to be involved with. 

Michelle Funk

When it comes to group sessions with Claire Cappetta, it is such a pleasure and honor to be part of the group and connect with beautiful powerful Soul Warrior Tribe sisters! Claire Cappetta has a masterful way of connecting and protecting the group and each experience is nothing short of a miracle and unforgettable experience! 
I feel blessed and blissfully happy to be part of your tribe, Claire Cappetta! Highly recommended!
Much love 💗 

Mira Suncica

I joined the Soul Warrior Tribe because I wanted to see what it was about and I wanted to learn more about spirituality because I didn’t know much about it. However, now I have been in the group for a couple of months and I know a lot more than I knew before and in the process, I have made a few friends along in the journey who are amazing and down to earth. 

The sisterhood has helped me tremendously by giving me a sense of being a part of a group by talking to people who have the same interest in spirituality as me. It is amazing and fun to talk to different women from all over the world who are very warm and welcoming.


We share our personal life experiences that we have been through in our lives and we offer each other advice and encouragement and uplift. For example; my Father passed away in 2017 and I was extremely close to him and when it comes to his anniversary, birthdays, the Christmas season. I get very emotional and just sad around these times ( which is to be expected) and I shared this information within the group and they opened up to me and told me about their close people that they have lost in their life and how it made them feel and they really understood and felt the same way as me and by hearing that I was glad to know that I wasn’t the only one who has been through loss and pain.

They gave me advice and techniques to use and words of encouragement.


The group is called the “ Soul Warrior Tribe” and this is definitely the correct name for it because we are all women that have been hurt at different times of our lives yet we still rise above and keep going. That’s what makes us strong women and I feel privileged to be a part of this group. We may be in different cities and countries but we are still connected to each other and helping one another to be great, nothing but positivity.

Furthermore, every Tuesday we have a group call where the lovely Claire teaches us more about spirituality and gives us a chance to ask questions and gain more knowledge for example; one of the topics during the group chat was “ candle magic “ which she goes into detail about so we can achieve whatever we desire in our lives. While I tell you this information about the tribe I just want to say again to Claire you are amazing and so beautiful inside and out and you just have a heart of pure gold, you have helped so many people with the knowledge and the gifts that you’ve got it. Thank you so much once again. 

Lastly, it is a non-judgmental friendly environment, where you can be yourself if there is anything you don’t understand about spirituality you can ask Claire ( because she will definitely know lol) no question is silly and she is so happy to help. If you do join, I look forward to welcoming you too 

Selina Moses

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