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Mediumship Readings

What are Mediumship Readings?


I have connected with spirit since I can remember. They have always chatted away, sometimes even shouting in my ear if they feel someone's message is important. What am I? I am...

Clairolfactance – The ability to access spiritual or mediumistic knowledge through smell. Clairsentience – The ability to psychically feel, that is to receive messages from emotions and feelings. 

Clairvoyance – The ability to perceive people, objects, locations, or physical events via extrasensory perception... I'm Claire!

Let's face it, nobody thinks "Wow! I need to go to work, cook dinner, and have a reading today" It's not on the top of our "Needs" list, but we have questions that we struggle to answer, we want to know what is waiting for us. We want to be able to plan, we want to know if the person we are seeing is really "the one"... Should you take a new job or promotion? Why is it that you have an amazing job, but feel empty inside? We have so many questions but we just can't answer them! It's so frustrating! Or you wonder why you are so drawn to live somewhere...


When we talk to spirit it fills in the gaps we are missing because they can see so much more than we can, they know the bigger picture of what is happening to us!


We find it hard to see the light when everything feels like it's collapsing around us. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed and need simple, honest guidance.


I help you to see why it's happening or the bigger picture. I help you decide with spirit if it is the right, job, partner... move. People who have come to me have always said their path forward is clearer giving clarity and insight. They understand why some things are happening the way they are.


I not only talk, see, hear, and smell, but I am also given videos of situations, I can go so deep as to find where your soul lived in past lives and how it's affecting you now. Did you know you can even bring trauma through with you of past lives and your ancestors? You can! This is why Past Lives Readings are so amazing because they show us what baggage we dragged through into this life! It's amazing. I described a cottage to one client, it backed onto woods, on a roadside and I described and named the town it was near. After the reading, I knew I could pinpoint it on a map, so I Googled it and sure enough, it was there! I saved it, circled the cottage, and sent the picture to the client. When clients say they think they have a spirit guide with them I can clearly describe what they look like, find a picture, and send it to them... It looks like the same picture they tried to draw!

What People Are Saying


"Hi, Claire,

I cannot thank you enough for your encouraging reading yesterday!

Your beautiful voice, centered calmness, graciousness, and heavenly connection, offered me such peace and hope!!!

I am extremely grateful for your generous time and the loving heart you shared with me during my reading.

Many thanks and blessings to you, beautiful soul!"



"Having had several sessions with Claire, I have gained such respect for her. She possesses the abilities that put us in touch with entities that only want to help us through our struggles and to heal our wounded spirits. Claire is the real thing- genuine, down to earth, and a wonderful, compassionate human being!"

- Isana

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