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Hi, I'm Claire,

I grew up in the UK with an abusive, narcissistic mother, who was violent, manipulative, and cruel. I spent most of my life trying to prove to her and the world that I was worthy... worthy of kindness and love. I bounced from one bad relationship to another, not knowing what a good, healthy one looked or felt like, so I took what I thought was an easy route to happiness... work.

My routine of work, eat, sleep repeat, I slowed down

I couldn't think clearly.

I've lived in New York for 14 years, it was amazing! I met and fell in love with a wonderful man and was given the gift of a stepdaughter! They also supported me as I started to heal by suggesting I wrote. It started part-time, trying to regain lost memories and understand past traumas. I discovered mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive-behavioral therapy. I became an author and a speaker, earning diplomas in mental health, psychology life coaching, and cognitive behavioral therapy.

I have now moved back to the UK, understanding how self-esteem affects us in our lives. I feel blessed and happy, now owning the self-esteem I should have been given when I was a child. I want to share what I have learned with others who are suffering.  

I work with angelic energy, providing healing, and coaching clients to find their own most abundant life. I love paranormal investigating, helping lost souls cross over into the light with the guidance of Archangel Michael, which I share on YouTube.

I now finally walk in the light I was always meant to, helping and healing those who need help. Join me on Facebook and Instagram as I share angelic meditations of healing, love, and light.


Love & Peace,

Shaman (9).png

Claire xx


Mental Health


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Angelic Healing Practioner


A Broken Ring

Stalking Liberty

SoulStar Lenormand Oracle Deck


Precious Hearts Foundation, Florida


Soul Warrior Tribe Membership


See the Triumph


Keynote Speaker

Breaking Barriers, NYC

Stop Child Abuse, NYC

Guest Speaker

Various Podcasts

Psychic Events

Wander Inn, Baldwin, NY

Babylon Bean, Babylon, NY

Private events also, max seating 100

Available for:

Keynote Speaker

Psychic/Spiritual Events


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