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Oracle Decks

Angelic Realms
Oracle Deck

I knew there were angels out there that no one talked about, after all, how can we have realms of angels and only talk about Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel? Why am I buying an angel deck to have masters and goddesses mixed in? When I want the angels! Powerful beings, that swoop in to help us like superheroes?

This is why I created Angelic Realms

After years of going live on Instagram and now Tiktok, I know there's nothing worse than pulling a card for someone and saying "Give me a moment, while I look up the meaning in the book!" You, your audience, your friend, your neighbor, and a colleague have to wait for you, to find the page and read it out, all while you are juggling a book in one hand and a card in the other! 


- Each one has its own unique design
- Beautiful rainbow foil finish on the face of the card
- Has a 3D holographic element on the face of the card
- Has a UV coated finish to keep them clean and durable
- Easy to carry in a bag or pocketbook
- The angels' area of expertise, the ray of light, and corresponding crystal printed on the back of the card
- You cannot find the deck in physical stores
- 32 card deck

Archangel Aurora Back
Archangel Orion
Archangel Jehudiel


Chakra Power Affirmation
Oracle Deck

Welcome to Chakra Power! We work on our 7 chakras to balance ourselves, we clear the heart for unconditional love, our throat to able to speak and be heard clearly, our third eye to connect ourselves spirituality, but we have so many more!


I remember someone asking me several years ago, if I worked the angelic chakras, which at the time confused me. So, I went on a journey through meditation to connect with my higher chakras and it made such a massive difference to my meditation practice! I've spoken on social media, how we need a deck to help us on our journey, but I couldn't find one which "spoke" to me. "Make one!" I was told, Yes, I answered... When I find time, I will!


So, finally, I sat down and created this deck. My guides said it needed to be round, just like a chakra. It needed to be colorful, with affirmations and daily guidance. This is why I've created this deck for you, guided by spirit, you will be able to shuffle this 66-card deck and receive an affirmation each day which will attune to you or others around you, so you can easily go live on social media and give clear guidance and for your viewers too! My wish is that this deck will help ease stress, and anxiety and give you your power back over your spinning chakras, to clear and balance them so once again you feel amazing!

SoulStar Lenormand
Oracle Deck


I'm so excited to share this with you! I have been using Lenormand for the past 20 years and I love how it combines messages for us and it's so easy to use, but also because it links to other cards the message is much more in-depth than oracle cards and not quite as harsh as tarot.​The pack I have been using daily is a little worn now, as you can imagine haha! So I decided, rather than buy a generic new pack, which there are plenty of options to choose from in the marketplace, they didn't exactly "speak" to me. Now, you know if you have ever bought a deck, they have to speak to you, a personal connection. They become a trusted friend over time.

​This is why I have spent the last few months developing a deck. I wanted it to look ethereal, beautiful. I see so many with a simple dog image or sun, but it feels so much more intuitive when the dog becomes a wolf! Or a woman standing in the turquoise sea, stretching her arms up to the warmth of the golden sun, bathed in its light... And of course, if you know me from Instagram, you know it needs to sparkle!   We fall into beautiful Egyptian pyramids and ankhs to fairies, knights and goddesses. Who doesn't love mermaids swimming in a garden or sitting on golden anchors? A bear nesting into a golden Merkaba. I have delighted in creating in-depth visual artwork. This deck was created solely by myself, from beginning to end and being a Virgo, it needed to be just right!

SoulStar banner Gamecrafter (4)

SoulStar banner Gamecrafter (4)

SoulStar trans ad (1)

SoulStar trans ad (1)

SoulStar Lenormand Deck

SoulStar Lenormand Deck






Chakra Power Action Shot  (1)
Chakra Power Action Shot  (2)
Chakra Power Action Shot
CC Christ back 1




Ride to Liberty Series

Based on a true story of survival from domestic violence, abuse, and stalking.


Lydia Castle is fifteen, naïve, and living in Yorkshire, England. She looks at her reflection in the bathroom mirror as she wipes her neck, the warm blood slowly trickling down her trembling legs. She is in shock, trembling, wondering how it had all come to this moment.
Mike Webberson is a builder with a reputation for being hard and is feared in the small community, but to Lydia, he is a kind, caring friend – until now... 
He is showing his dark and foreboding side. The abuse and threats are like a dark, shameful, and dirty secret for Lydia, trying to cope with it on her own. She is too scared to tell her parents, knowing her father will look for vengeance.
As Lydia struggles through adversities she is becoming stronger and empowered. Her life turns a full circle, facing her nightmares once again.
This time Lydia, now older, can finally fight back!

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