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Claire Cappetta

Here to add magic to your life!


I help you heal from trauma and abuse through beautiful journeys

and working with the angels and ascended masters.

Maybe you have tried "Talk Therapy" and yet you still feel stuck

with mind crashes, flashbacks, anxiety, stress, and feel

re-traumatized all over again! 

The core of my work is for you to heal on a much deeper energetic,

higher conscious level!

I also teach the magical and mystical, of Hermeticism,

Wicca, Occultism and so much more!

I do in my Cosmic Mama Portal, but what do I love?

Crossing lost souls over into the light.

Healing on a deeper, energetic level with angels

I communicate with angels, guides, and lost souls

I transcend and guide you in meditation,

uncovering past lives and loves.

Create Your Dream Life!

Wow, creating your dream life is absolutely incredible! And guess what? You can make it happen with the help of a fantastic workbook and beautiful deep meditation. These tools are the perfect combination to unlock your full potential and achieve your wildest dreams. The workbook a structured approach to setting and achieving your goals, while deep meditation helps you to connect with your inner self and find the clarity and peace of mind you need to succeed. Let's get started on this amazing journey to creating the life you've always dreamed of!

This FREE workbook and Meditation is a great first step in your

Creating Your Dream Life!

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Claim your FREE Create Your Dream Life Workbook and Meditation today!

Join Me in the Cosmic Mama Portal

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30 minute or 1 hour

Deep Dive

to give you


Shaman (18).png

Soul Retrieval
past life Healing

Deep Soul Healing to connect with past life and deep ancestral soul healing

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Mentorship and Spiritual Life Coaching for healing, clarity and gaining inner peace.

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Learn Shaman Magick to unlock your hidden power, Angelic Healing and Heartbreak to Healing


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Hi, I'm Claire,

I'm a spiritual life coach, author, and public keynote speaker. A leader for the spiritual life, healing, the angelic realms, and the paranormal with a wealth of experience since childhood. 

I have dedicated most of my life to studying metaphysics, mediumship, and the paranormal. I hold diplomas in life coaching, mental health, psychology, and shaman healing.  


I was fortunate to edit a magazine for a US  domestic violence charity, author posts for See the Triumph and DivorceForce, and authored four books, A Broken Ring, Stalking Liberty, and Journals which are available on Amazon, Nook, etc. I created a beautiful Lenormand  Oracle Deck, Angelic, and a 22 Chakra Oracle Deck!

Keynote Speaker for charities in New York City. I am currently building a beautiful, loving, and supportive spiritual sisterhood, a Podcast, and a YouTube channel to take you through your spiritual awakening and cross lost souls into the light. 

​I am here to take you by the hand and guide you.

You are stronger than you think!

You are magical!

This is your time to RISE! 

Shaman Magick!

Join us on this transformative journey and awaken the shamanic magician within you. Our course is suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike, and we offer flexible learning options to fit your schedule.


Start your journey towards spiritual growth and empowerment!

Introducing the latest book by Claire Cappetta, Year of Self Love Journal 2024: Spiritual Awakening.

This beautiful one year Self Love Journal and Workbook is a tool to help you cultivate self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-growth over the course of a year.
It includes daily prompts, exercises, and reflections to encourage you to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and to develop positive habits and attitudes towards yourself.
Each month has details for the full moon, to help you navigate the energies.
It is a powerful resource for anyone who wants to prioritize their own well-being and happiness. 

Available on Amazon now

Latest Book!

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“Having had several sessions with Claire, I have gained such respect for her. She possesses the abilities that put us in touch with entities that only want to help us through our struggles and to heal our wounded spirits. Claire is the real thing- genuine, down to earth, and a wonderful, compassionate human being!” 

—  Isana Wild

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