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New Age Spirituality or Traditional Shamanism?

So you're diving into the deep end of the spiritual pool, huh? Well, buckle up because we're about to differentiate between New Age Spirituality and Ancient Shamanism like we're splitting hairs at a cosmic barber shop.

Both paths might seem to lead to the same enlightenment party, but they took different cosmic Ubers to get there. Let's break it down:

New Age Spirituality:

Mix & Match Religion:

It's like a spiritual buffet. You can pile your plate with a bit of Buddhism, sprinkle some Hinduism, add a dash of quantum physics, and voilà! It's a custom-made belief system that caters to the individual palate. New Age is the "You Do You" of spirituality.

Techno-Friendly Mystics:

New Agers are totally okay with using the latest tech to enhance their spiritual journey. Think meditation apps, online astrology charts, and virtual reality guided meditations. If ancient shamans had smartphones, they'd probably be a little jealous.

All About That Energy:

New Age spirituality is big on vibes. It’s all about energy fields, chakras, and crystals. If it can be charged under a full moon or cleansed with sage, it's in the toolkit. The aim is to align, balance, and harmonize with the universe’s frequency, preferably while smelling like essential oils.

Ancient Shamanism:

Tribal Roots:

Shamanism is old-school, like, really old-school. It's rooted in the traditions of indigenous tribes around the world. Each culture's shamanism is unique, but they share a common thread of connecting deeply with nature, ancestors, and the spirit world.

Spirit World Hotline:

Shamans are the original spiritual middlemen. They communicate with the spirit world through trance states, usually induced by drumming, dancing, or even plant-based brews (looking at you, Ayahuasca). It’s less about personal enlightenment and more about healing and guidance for their community.

DIY Nature Vibes:

No need for store-bought crystals here. Shamans work with what nature provides—plants, stones, bones, and the elements. Their practices are deeply ecological, understanding that everything is interconnected. They were eco-warriors before it was cool.

So, in a nutshell, while New Age Spirituality is like a spiritual smorgasbord with a modern twist, Ancient Shamanism is the deeply traditional, nature-bound practice that has been passed down through generations. New Age might get you to enlightenment with a GPS and Wi-Fi connection, but Shamanism requires a deep dive into the spirit world, no tech necessary. Both paths offer profound insights and experiences, just with different flavors. Whether you're vibing with crystals or conversing with spirit animals, the journey is all about connecting to something greater than ourselves. And hey, who says you can't mix a little bit of both? After all, in the grand tapestry of the cosmos, we're all just trying to find our place in the pattern.

Which path calls to you? Or do you simply love the deep magic of both?


Claire Cappetta
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