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Author Interview with Deb Ling and 'The Walking Wounded

Deb Ling

I am delighted this week to introduce you to Deb Ling, who wrote The Walking Wounded. It is based on her account of going through and healing from abuse. We all find different ways to heal, Deb found hers through her religion and Christianity.

Deb has very kindly offered a discount on The Walking Wounded, which can be downloaded on Smashwords, which carries all eBook reader formats. Just put in Coupon Code: NA63V at Checkout to receive a 50% discount! It expires on July 9, 2016.

What is the brief synopsis of your book?

The Walking Wounded is a non-fiction Christian book. This eBook walks you through healing from past abuse or trauma. The information in this eBook is what the Lord used to heal me (the author) and I documented it to help others be healed. I am an ex victim of abuse. Over the years, I was abused in every way imaginable – sexually, physically, emotionally, and verbally; - I have seen or felt it all. What was worse, I was unable to get away from the cycle. I would date men that turned out to be abusers; I even married one. Frequently, when you are abused, you get into a cycle that just keeps repeating until you are healed.

I have taught from my book and seen many healed of their past. It does not matter how you received your wound, as a wound is a wound is a wound. Abuse, trauma, divorce, death, are all things that can cause a wound, so if you are being led to read this book - follow the Lord's lead.

What is the ‘back story’ to your book cover and title?

My cover was decided upon because the footsteps in the sand made me think of the wounded walking by themselves, which is how you feel when you are wounded, as if you are the only one that has gone through this horrendous incident. Of course, that is not true. But it is how you feel. Feelings are not right or wrong, they just are.

Deciding on the title was easy. When you are wounded, you keep walking, frequently wearing a mask so others do not know how badly you feel inside. You have to keep your mask on to keep others from seeing the pain in your eyes.

What made you want to become a writer?

I became a writer because I wanted to share my story with others. When the Lord healed me of my past, I documented all He took me through. When I finished documenting it, He spoke to me “This will be your first book.” I believed that. I have since written eight other books and two workbooks.

Did you employ an editor for the story-line, proofreading or editing?

I was pretty green with my first book and did not employ an editor, so it is a little raw. In 2010 I found a way to self publish it and I did not even re-read it before I published it. I hope to go through it again soon, now that I am more knowledgeable in the process.

Are you self-published or traditional/ Why did you choose to publish this way?

I am self published, being unable to find a traditional publisher. When I first self published in 2010, it was quite new and no one was sure how sales would go for self published books or even if they would last. Now, self published work holds its own against traditional publishers, giving them a run for their money.

Do you have any hints or tips that you have found in marketing?

The best thing I can recommend with marketing is that you start early. The earlier the better. Don’t stop. Keep marketing until your sales reach the level you want them to be.

What was your most amazing moment in writing your book?

The best part in writing my book was when I got it published, that was a “ahhhh finally” moment.

If your novel was to be made into a movie which actor would you like to play the leading role?

If my book were made into a movie the actress I would want to play the lead would be Allison Sweeney, previously Sammy Brady from Days of our Lives. She knows how to act! She would be a great actress to make people feel the emotions of being an abuse victim.

Is there a sequel forthcoming or any new book in the works?

I have a workbook that goes with The Walking Wounded. I also wrote a similar book for men, called The Wounded Soldier, which also has a workbook. Additionally, I have seven other books, the last one being The Road to Prosperity Devotional. It is in pre-sales on the Barnes and Noble website, and will be on sale at my Smashwords link on July 4th.

Other books I have are Prophetic Dance Hidden in Plain View, Submission through Unconditional Love, A New Day Devotional, The Devil’s Twins, and finally, my only fiction work: Web Junction, an allegory.

I have also written the scripts for the three book trailers that I have. One each for Submission through Unconditional Love, The Devil’s Twins, and Web Junction.

Do you have an inspirational, motivating, or funny anecdote you would like to share?

A funny anecdote that comes to mind is what happened the other day while praying. I was talking to the Lord, and I thanked Him for planting me in the church I am in. Then I added, “It could be worse.” I no more than said that and I broke out laughing. Because I remembered a church that was.

As most of us know, no matter what your circumstances are today, they could be worse.

You can find out more about Deb at:

Deb also has book trailers on YouTube:

The music from The Adam’s Family sitcom is the background for my script of

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