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How Are You Feeling?

So let me ask you, how are you feeling?

We started off into the New Year with everyone whooping and hollering about how this was going to be a great year! THE best yet! And really nothing changed much. It was a slow and steady progression into January.

Then suddenly, the eclipses started, eclipses and full moons and life started to life like we were all at sea, being tossed around in a mighty storm. We all looked at each saying "Whoa! What?" I know, my friend then it started to get really rough, Mercury went retrograde, Spring Solstice AND a full moon! We didn't sign up for this!

Finally, we could breathe a sigh of relief... Yay! We said at the beginning of April, "It's only a new moon this month...

Last week we had the new moon...

My Instagram DM's went through the roof! What is going on you all asked. As I sat on the floor in floods of tears, trying to focus on the words... It was incredible! Who? seriously! Who would've have thought a simple new moon in April would be so incredibly powerful!

It seems as a collective we were all at one point , melted into pools of tears, many of us not knowing why, raising our hands to the cosmos. Enough already!

We understand about about ascending, we understand we feel like we are being dragged kicking and screaming through a hedge backwards. We know it's soul wounds healing but why, oh why does it have to happen so frequently?Many of us look to a full moon in our calendars, thinking Oh huh! But a new moon seriously? I guess that's another day I have to put into the calendar as Beware self-love and healing day.

So let me ask you, how are you feeling?

Claire Cappetta
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