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How to Celebrate Mothers Day When You Don't Have a Mother

Celebrating Mother's Day can be challenging when you don't have a mother. It can be a reminder of your loss or a difficult relationship.

However, there are several ways to celebrate this day, honour the memory of your mother, or appreciate other maternal figures in your life.

One way to celebrate Mother's Day is to volunteer at a local shelter or charity that supports mothers and their children. You could donate your time or resources to help them, and honour the selflessness and sacrifice of motherhood.

Another way is to remember and celebrate the good times with your mother if your mother is passed.

You could write a letter to her, visit her resting place, or create a memory box with her pictures and mementos. This could help you process your grief and feel close to her on this special day.

You can also celebrate other maternal figures in your life, such as a grandmother, aunt, mentor, or friend who has played a nurturing and supportive role. You could send them a card or gift, spend time with them, or express your gratitude for their presence in your life.

Finally, you could celebrate yourself as a mother figure to others, such as your own children, nieces or nephews, or pets.

You could pamper yourself, treat yourself to a special activity or meal, or reflect on the qualities that make you a caring and loving person.

In summary, celebrating Mother's Day when you don't have a mother can be challenging, but it can also be an opportunity to honour different aspects of motherhood and the maternal figures in your life.

It's important to acknowledge your feelings, but also to find ways to appreciate the love and care that surrounds you.

If you've struggled with maternal abuse, and this day triggers you, remember you are important, you are precious!

I was always the black sheep in the family as they say because of my gifts and my mother struggled with mental health issues. Each year I pause for a few moments and offer forgiveness for both of us, because carrying trauma baggage is just way to heavy to carry!

And why black sheep? Can't we be blue, pink, lavender, haha.

Let me know how you celebrate it.

Kisses on your face, muwah!


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Membro desconhecido
16 de mar. de 2023

That’s it! 😁 from now on, I’m going to say that I was a lavender sheep in my family 😁💜✨💜

Claire Cappetta
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