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Self-Care Activities for Empaths

Self-Care Activities for Empaths


If you identify as an empath, you aren’t just sensitive to other people’s emotions, you actually absorb them. Often times, you don’t know why your mood has suddenly shifted, why you were fine one minute and in a deep depression the next.


Empaths are highly in-tune to other people’s energies and don’t have filters in order to protect themselves from these energies without spiritual guidance. This is why self-care is so crucial if you are an empath.


Take Time to Breathe and Be Mindful


One of the best things you can do for yourself as an empath is to just stop, take a deep breath, and get into a mindful state. You are easily influenced by the energy around you, even just noise and busy bodies. You need to learn how to be mindful and really take the time out to just be with yourself. If you need to add this to your daily list of self-care activities of a gentle reminder of its importance, then that is what you should do.



Spend Less Time on Social Media


Unfortunately, social media can be really hard on empaths. Even more so than the average person, all of the drama, bickering, negative comments, and just about everything related to social media can be toxic for your mindset.


Even though there is also quite a bit of positive energy on social media, there is also a lot of negative energy you can absorb, and these don’t always balance out. If you are an empath, it is a good idea to have at least one part of your day where you log off, turn off notifications, and put it away.



Find Ways to Get Grounded


Grounding is essential as someone who is an empath. You aren’t just overly sensitive to other people’s energies and emotions, but to your own. You tend to need grounding a little more often than most, so spending time outside in nature can be really healing.


If you can’t do this every day, try to schedule in some nature time to yourself as part of your weekly self-care activities. Maybe every Saturday morning you go to a park or nearby beach by yourself to enjoy the healing powers of mother earth.



Identify and Set Boundaries with Toxic Energies


When it comes to negative energy in your life that you might be absorbing, you will need to set some strict boundaries. You first need to identify the people who are toxic to your sensitive nature and who may inadvertently be affecting your own energy. Maybe there is a particular person who isn’t a bad person by any means, but is a bit of a gossip. This drama and negativity can really take a toll on an empath. You don’t have to ignore these people completely, but either spending less time with them or setting boundaries about what you can talk about might be necessary.



Spend Time Alone to Detox From Energies


The last self-care activity you can do as an empath is to find time to spend alone to detox. Preferably, this is something you add to your daily routine. Maybe during your evening routine before bed, you have a moment all to yourself. This might be in a healing bath, while you do meditation or breathwork, or just a few minutes sitting at your desk to do tarot or another divination practice.


Let me know if you do these practises already in the comments below


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