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This has been an intense week, but I'm not complaining!

Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle An Alternative Way to Heal from Trauma & Abuse

This has been an intense week, but I'm not complaining!

First of all, I would like to announce that Rekindle your Inner Sparkle is now in sparkly print! It is a cool 8.5 by 8.5 in, a cool square book, full of pictures, stars and lots of information on how to find your sparkle through self-help.

It is available on Amazon now (just click here)

Also, last week when I wrote, "When We Call Out Our Stalkers and Domestic Abusers." it felt very strange and freeing all at the same time naming my abuser out loud after calling him my "Stalker" all these years. Yes, he stalked me but it was also Domestic Abuse.So you can imagine my surprise when Precious Hearts Foundation Domestic Violence Shelter in Florida reached out to me, asking if they could include it in their April Issue of their PHF, magazine!.But not only include it but also asked if I would like to contribute to future issues too.It is a quarterly magazine they issue to help raise funds for the shelter. Kinda feeling blessed right now!

I have also been talking David Holmes, he asked very kindly if I would like to serialize one of his books, The Affair of Marci Hudson, here on the blog i.e 2 chapters week, one chapter on Monday's and one on Friday's....Would you be interested in reading his story on Domestic Violence and Slavery if I serialize it?

The Affair of Marci Hudson

Here's the synopsis: "Twelve years of abuse from her husband and Marci Hudson fulfills her fantasy in a one-time affair seeking what she cannot find at home. Four years later the exposure of the act forces Marci to leave her family on a quest to find freedom on her own. Spreading her wings with her plan of starting a new life, she abruptly falls into a trap, forced to do unspeakable acts with a parade of deviants. Drugs and torture with the threat of death if she doesn't perform, Marci sinks the lowest point imaginable. From a plush suburb in rural Minnesota to a Chicago sex resort and ending in the back rooms of a Mexican brothel, she is backed into a corner with her only choice being to die or fight back. From a docile, abused, suburban housewife Marci transforms into a new totally different person showing the terrible side of a woman determined to exact revenge." Would love your thoughts! It starts this coming Monday!

I wish you a wonderful Easter and if you can't face chocolate this Easter or you have a friend who is allergic to chocolate (wouldn't that be a nightmare!) you could always give a gift of self-help and give a sparkly book of healing ;-)


Claire Cappetta
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