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Are you free to have Coffee with Claire?

Coffee with Claire

I have been talking to people for years now about Domestic Violence, abuse, and stalking. I have shared stories with other survivors, been to speaking events as a keynote speaker. I laugh, I smile and of course... I drink copious amounts of coffee!

The same question always pops up "When are you going to speak up?" Ooops, sorry_ thought I was... giggles. I know what they mean. I write and share because I always thought no-one really wants to actually hear me, but apparently they do. I have, as you know if you have been following my written word, been on a journey of healing from rape, domestic violence, abuse, being held hostage, parental alienation and of course, a narcissistic mother sprinkled on top for extra sparkle.

Claire Cappetta

The question, however, is being thrown at me more often. A friend of mine, who is also a survivor said to me, "If only people could hear you!" Yes, I did choke on my coffee, followed with "But, why?" She went on a ten-minute tirade, too long even for a blog post about how she wants to know how I reached where I am today, how I found inner happiness and calm from the trauma within. So I seceded. After all, I am a Life Coach and CBT Therapist, I do want to talk to more people about healing. I talk to clients, so why not share some love? And of course_ Coffee!

I am going to host a Coffee with Claire on Mondays at 2pm est. You can dial in, enter an access code and you will will be in the room with me. The best part is it's free, if you want to listen and you are outside the US, just message me and I'll send you the free country number for you to dial into.

If you are free on Monday to join me, just dial in, put in your headphones and listen, who knows, you may discover something new that could help you. Each week will be a different topic on healing from various issues that helped me and I'm sure will help you.

I have to say I'm excited about it, we could all be part of something wonderful. I used to say "If I could help just one person,.." I would love to be able to help you.

If you know anyone who would be interested, please let them know. I will be sharing this on my Facebook page too

Coffee with Claire

Claire Cappetta
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