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Interview with Jayne C. Dough and her book, The Blue Abyss

The Blue Abyss by Jayne C. Dough

I would like to introduce you to Jayne Dough, she has written an amazing book, which tells her story of surviving Domestic Violence, but hers is a story of what is known as "Officer Involved Domestic Violence" or OIDV for short. It is well known and documented how Law Enforcement Officers here in the US can be incredibly violent and abusive to their spouses. It is people like Jayne writing their stories, which sheds light on what was so rarely spoken about in the past...

Hello Jayne, I'm so happy you were able to do an interview for me...

Thank you, Claire, for the opportunity to chat with you about something very intimate and dear to me my book, “The Blue Abyss: a true story of a Domestic violence survivor within the executive law enforcement community”.

Please tell us about your book

I am a survivor of Officer Involved Domestic Violence, my abuser is an executive law enforcement official. He raped me and tried to kill me- sharing his master murder plan with his peers within law enforcement. Because of his position of power- no one would intervene. Yes, he still is an executive officer, you see he was never investigated, charged or brought to trial. I have been relocated to several states to avoid detection and been an invisible woman for 5 years.

What made you become a writer?

My pen name- is Jayne C. Dough. Silly, perhaps- but it was a way to thumb my nose at the medical field when they refused to treat me as Jane Doe, requesting identifiers that would surely lead to the discovery of my current location. Jayne C (which stands for Cookie, by the way) was not a default program in their system, so I could receive medical attention without alerting his radar. My social worker and I created a system called “The Jayne Dough Patient” system, where a victim could receive medical attention without a name as an identifier- simply a number, so grant funds could be tracked, but the victim could not.

What is the story and genre your book fits into?

I think my book fits into several genres: True Crime- as my abuser tried to murder me and was never charged. Definitely Horror: several Steven King plots come to mind when I think of my abuser and his role as my tormentor. It is a Self Help book too as I wrote of my exit strategy and the tips I learned to stay alive. I’m hopeful that it would help others to escape an abusive relationship. I believe strongly that Domestic Violence is a serious Women’s Issue, and this genre fits my book too. The overwhelming statistics for women suffering in violent relationships’ are grim and need addressing.

My abuser’s plan was to hurt me every way he could, find the opportunity, and bury me alive. He shared his plans for this “perfect crime” with other “boys in blue” during the 4th of July festivities.- And, he almost succeeded.

For my cover art, I chose the open mine shaft, tainted in blue.

Blue- representing the “boys in blue club”, his passive partners in crime. The ladder- actually wasn’t added into the photo- until I knew I was going to live.

I was a writer before Armageddon- or B.A. I was also an illustrator- creating several trademarks for businesses, and had a comic strip in a national magazine.

Writing “The Blue Abyss”, this- was different. I fiercely decided I was not going to go down quietly. I took very good notations in my journal- of what was happening to me- and buried my journal in the woods when I walked with my dog. I had been determined to escape- and, to help at least one OIDV victim- get away alive. If he succeeded in killing me- the whereabouts of my journal was in the hands of one friend- who was to turn it over to the media, and the FBI.

I feel very passionately about the public needing to understand what high profile victims endure to stay alive. Understanding domestic violence and it’s devastation, means something will be done to change how the victims are simply statistics, that the blame doesn’t rest on the shoulders of the abused, and the punishment (if any) does not fit the crime.

Did you employ and editor for the storyline, proofreading or editing? Are you self-published or traditional/ Why did you choose to publish this way?

Because of my personal safety, and acute poverty (I was homeless, and left everything- friends, family, home, finances; it’s the easiest way for predators to find us again) I could not hire an editor, proofreader or publisher. Because of the subject matter- I could not find an agent that would take on the topic of law enforcement domestic violence and corruption. My case worker at the second shelter I was moved to proofread it for me. I self-published- because I had not been successful in changing my identity, and couldn’t trust anyone with personal identification for disclosure. I used Create Space and to publish my story.

Do you have any hints or tips that you have found in marketing?

I still struggle with marketing, due to my invisibility. My only tool is the people who access my Facebook site- who forward or share my story through social media. Domestic Violence.Org has listed my book on their recommended reading page, and The Trauma Resource Institute has done so as well. I wish I had help in marketing.

What was your most amazing moment in writing your book?

I know my most amazing and defining moment in writing my book. I was contacted through FB by a parent of a young woman who had been severely abused by an LE official. She had been reading my posts- and inquired about buying my book so she could help her daughter better. She purchased it, read it, and then- gave it to her daughter. I remember so vividly- her daughter and I connecting over the phone. Crying, venting, sharing- as she finally knew she was not alone! She pressed charges, never gave up, fought the prejudice all LE victims face, and refused to roll over. Over 2 years, and He was finally prosecuted, convicted and is serving time. This mother and daughter were the very first people my book impacted. One person helped- was all I could hope for, all I could pray for- in the midst of my Armageddon. To finally know that the monstrous abuse I endured actually made a difference for another- my goodness it was as if a part of who I used to be- was recovered.

If your novel was to be made into a movie which actor would you like to play the leading?

A movie? I have been asked this question before. I’d love Julia Roberts or Ashley Judd to play my role (they are both lovely and terrific in dramatic roles).

Is there a sequel forthcoming or any new book in the works?

I have a children’s book I began B.A. I would like to complete the artwork in it- and have it published. I have been asked, “What happens to you afterward? You should write a sequel!” I think God is still working it out for me. I’ll tell you about it when I know a little more.

Jayne’s book is available on Amazon

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