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Do you believe in angels?

It is nearly a year now since I moved from New York back to Devon in England. It has been a strange year of discovery. If you followed me when I lived in New York, then you know I was on a healing journey there too, healing from my past of domestic violence and abuse. I wrote blogs, books, spoke at wonderful awareness raising events like Shatter the Silence about child abuse at the Jackie Robinson Park in Harlem and at Barrier Free Living, just name a couple.

I'm a huge advocate for domestic violence. I edit and produce the quarterly magazine for Precious Hearts Foundation in Florida.

The first six months of being back in England were very strange, almost like I was trying to regain my footing on solid ground, trying to find yet another new me, thinking when will this journey end? Well, it doesn't, we all change and evolve but being here, I feel like I have been able to shake off all the remnants of the old, broken me. I feel like a butterfly, I am now allowing myself to be me, the "me" I was scared of, the "me" I tried to keep hidden because I was always told to hide it, it wasn't good, it wasn't “normal”.

I've now found it's actually better than “normal”... in fact you can keep normal. In fact take “normal” and bin it! Stick that in the garbage, because I like my normal. It is who I was born as and who I was always supposed to be.

I have found since coming back, I am a healer. I can call on the angels like I used to do when I was young and help people! Who wouldn't want that kind of normal? I'm loving it, a whole world is opening up of crystals, angels, meditations... It's trippy, happy, healing not just for me but for others too. I have even become an Advanced Angelic Practitioner, hehe, can't wait to share my angelic healings, meditations and angel messages with you!

Do you believe in angels? Crystals? Do meditations help you?

Do you believe in angels? Crystals? Do meditations help you?

Claire Cappetta
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