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Signs of the Full Moon Energy Shift

Signs of the Full Moon Energy Shift

Today is a full moon eclipse, the longest eclipse, taking over an hour and a half from start to finish. It is the second eclipse of three this summer, the next one being on the 11th August. What does this mean/ A strange summer for many who are empaths and lightworkers.

There is a universal shift taking place, which is strengthening the crystalline Grid in the Earth. For many it will feel incredibly strong if you live in areas on the leylines for example Glastonbury, England or as far away as Cuba!

The energy shift is even proven from quantum physics that everything that makes up our reality is essentially energy and empty space. Energy shifts are when there is a physical change in our ethereal world. When we become aware of our own emotions, we learn to differentiate between your own emotions and the collective stream of consciousness, so what we feel and observe is what we are processing internally.

We are all connected through the universal consciousness as one, therefore when there is any type of shift in consciousness, it ripples out through the collective stream and if we are paying attention, we can easily feel it because we are all very much connected in a beautiful way.


Shift in People: People from your past may suddenly return, or new people might suddenly come into your life as teachers.

Shift in Perspective: You may be inspired to do something new, a challenge to push you out of your comfort zone.

Shift in the body: Strange cravings, a sudden feeling for a wellness plan or diet change, illness, unexpected twists, flu-like symptoms, headaches, ocular migraines, blurry vision.

Anxiety: Abrupt anxiety out of nowhere, feeling of butterflies in your stomach.

Your Past Fears Rise Up Suddenly: fear about a past issue that you thought you already worked through, shadow aspects come to light. Accept and move through them with meditation and mindfulness.

Visions: Seeing a butterfly on the wall but it wasn’t actually there. We have these visions usually when there is a shift in consciousness. These are messages we pay attention to for their pure symbolism.

Seeing or Feeling Energy: Orbs of light, vibrating head to toe, sparkles, flashes of light, geometries in field of vision, colors of light, palms gathering energy, pixelated view of reality.

Time shifts! Time moving ridiculously slow or having hours disappear without realizing.

An Intense Vertigo: Feeling the walls or objects move as if dimensions are literally shifting.

Notion of Something Impending: The feeling as if something is going to happen, it’s basically you, yourself is changing from the inside out or a sense of deja vu.

Moods: A sudden unexpected shift in your mood, feeling sad, angry, upset but don’t know why.

Hypersensitivity: You become sensitive to light, sound, people, frequencies, senses are sharp!

Excessive Change in Your Energy: Suddenly very drained or very awake ready to run for miles and get up and go, no in-between.

Brain Fog or Spaciness: Having your head in the clouds, very much in your thoughts. Not feeling remotely grounded.

Emotional Purging: Breaking down in tears, Letting go of old emotions.

Mental Clarity: Maybe you’ve been in a bit of a fog then suddenly you have an epiphany out of nowhere. You just know the right thing to do, you have intense clarity over an issue.

It is very similar to Kundalini awakening, if you practice Kundalini yoga, you will understand this. Kundalini awakening symptoms can vary person to person as the process of soul transformation is different per experience. It is about recreating yourself from within your mind, there is tons of energy shifts happening especially on a full moon eclipse. It’s good to take note of these signs because you will begin to see they follow patterns. As you acknowledge these patterns by paying attention, a clarity builds and it helps you understand you are in a “Transition Point”.These are the simple ones that are more noticeable so that you can become aware yourself when the energy is moving in a different direction for you. When we are able to understand these transition points it becomes easier to see our personal reality from the inside out.

Several times, while I've been out among people this summer I have often heard them say “Oh! For a moment there I forgot which planet I'm on!” They mean it in the truest sense of the word. We are connecting and interconnecting, becoming more enlightened and those of us who are empathic, it means this summer is quite a ride!

How are you feeling?

Claire Cappetta
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