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Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle eBook Launches today

Today is launch day of Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle. It's so exciting! I was asked by several people of how I had found ways to heal from the trauma of rape, domestic violence and being held hostage by my stalker.

A lady suggested I put it into a little book to help others and so here it is. I hope you find it joyful, inspiring and healing.

Personally, I'm delighted with the way it came out with the uplifting pictures and of course the little gold stars!

I'm especially delighted that Mary of Simply Mary wrote such a wonderful review!

"Claire Cappetta's awesome new book Rekindle Your Inner Sparkle is well worth the read! You will find numerous natural ways to beat stress and anxiety within your life.

Her informative book has everything from Reflexology to using natural oils and herbs to combat stress. I loved the ease of the read the most. This book has so many great pieces of information in it, I can't wait to share it with my friends and loved ones! I give her 5 stars!"

Please join us this evening for a party on Facebook to celebrate its launch and all the survivors who are still with us, showing courage, enjoying freedom and their inner sparkle!

Just click on the picture below to join us


Claire Cappetta
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