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Healing through Mindfulness

Healing Through Mindfulness

A little while ago I stumbled on an article about Mindfulness. I had seen the topic been raised quite a lot recently and kept dismissing it. Seriously, Mindfulness? I didn’t seem to make much sense to me, after all, we like to think of ourselves as mindful every day, right? I imagined it was only about being kind and empathetic to people around me, I was wrong.

What is Mindfulness?

It is meditation, concentrating on the breath and being fully focused on the present moment. It is empathy on yourself and in times of anxiety, stress, depression, pain, it is a way of holding the emotion and breathing through it, of holding the thought through breath and examining the emotion, dissecting it, breaking it apart and putting it back together. Doing this helps the brain understand the emotions you are feeling. It can become very in depth, emotional and healing.

Experience on Mindfulness.

When I was a child, my ‘go to escape’ place was the bathroom with its wonderful lock on the door. After all, you don’t want many people are going to walk in on you there! I could sit for a few minutes in solitude, I would let my eyes relax into soft focus and let my mind drift, my breathing would slow down and I could feel the tension in my body, which emotions had tensed. It was usually my stomach had tensed. I would visualize a small rotating ball of light, put together with fine strings holding it together. I would pull it apart and dig deep into how I was feeling. Once, it had all been scrutinized and I understood where and why the anxieties and pain I was feeling made sense, I would visual putting it all together again. After it was put back together I imagined it was now whole, no strings spilling out, looking disheveled or unraveled. It was now a beautiful shining ball of white light. I would imagine placing back into myself rather like a beacon of love and I would feel calm and relaxed, I would be ready to face my world again. I remember doing this as young as five. This simple exercise as helped me so many times over the years, to help me regain control over pain and abuse. However, it had always been ‘mine’, my secret place to heal internally. Now, I’m not suggesting you run off to the bathroom there are better ways and means which I discovered!

Where to practise Mindfulness.

Anywhere! Anywhere where you feel at peace. I have read a lot about how people buy special padded stools on a padded mat, tilted forward for maximum comfort, or rounds pads to sit on, some just plain comfy, some sending out natural scents and ions into the atmosphere around you. Personally, I believe it is where ever YOU feel comfortable and safe, whether it be the throne in the bathroom, lying down on your bed, your favourite chair or if the weather is beautiful and you will not be disturbed, go outside and enjoy nature, while you still and delve deep into your emotions. Always remember this is for YOU, no-one else, this is your special time alone. It can last for a couple of minutes when you get good at it or nearly an hour! You can take your time for your healing.

Are there rules to Mindfulness?

No, in actual fact there are none. Some may say there are but really there isn’t…. How can you place rules on emotions? Abusers place rules on emotions and that’s what we are trying to heal! I didn’t sit there as a five-year-old thinking ‘well I need to sort out why I feel like this … but first I must adhere to the rules!’ A five-year-old doesn’t think that way, just wants to find healing from an abusive parent!

Have you tried Mindfulness?

Would you want to know more?

Would you find it difficult because of ADD, ADHD or OCD and would need help to find a calm mind for meditation? Would you be interested in short online meditations to help you?

Claire Cappetta
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