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Is Being Mindful Hermetically Magic? The Power Within.

When I was growing up I would hear people say “ What was old is new again.” As a child it really didn’t make sense to me, sometimes we need time to pass and years to be added to understand things.

I grew up in an abusive house, my mother dominated everything with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder. My father tried to keep life calm, as my mother would drive from one emotional tornado to another disrupting lives around her. He would always recount of how his dream had been to become a monk, living in a silent retreat. However, he met my mother and his father had told him he wouldn’t let him join a monastery. It was a decision my father had always regretted not doing. He had an air of calmness around him which would infuriate my mother as he rarely answered back.

I understand now that because of him I had practiced Mindfulness as a child, but my mother called it my “Lala land” “Look at Claire, off in Lala land again”. It was escapism from my surroundings. I was being selective as to what I could emotionally deal with and what I couldn’t. My father spoke of spirituality and what it meant to him, not only of his Catholic faith but of others too, which broadened my mind. It brought an expansive frame of mind to everything around me.

To understand it all further, I read everything I could on spirituality. Buddhism, Hindu, Catholicism, Pagan. I didn’t want to be part of any fixed, organised religion, I purely wanted answers to life’s mysteries. My mother would laugh and called me a witch. On holiday with their friends, I was told to sit outside an old chapel in Wales, while they went in exploring. When I asked why I couldn’t go in my mother laughed and said I’d burn… I don’t think many parents would say that to a child these days for reading or watching Harry Potter. Every child wonders what it must be like to be so in tune, they could change or manifest things into their lives, don’t you think?

Think, thinking, it’s such a powerful tool when it is properly understood. Leap forward a few decades and we now have “Mindfulness” We are not in Lala land anymore, we are thinking, we are ‘mindful’ It’s nothing new, it really isn’t a new therapy either. It has been practiced for decades, centuries.

Throughout the course of time guru’s and teacher’s have stepped forward and taught us mindfulness and meditation. Today, we have Eckhart Tolle and Deepak Chopra, meditation and living in the moment with the universe has become a movement, it has become ‘valid’. Gone are the days when we are told we are witches, crazy, evil or insane. Now people like Eckhart Tolle are sought out, paid thousands to speak, to share his wisdom and knowledge.

I hear your mind whirring, you are thinking, who and why would meditation be considered harmful? It was, in fact people were arrested for their beliefs, take for

example Franz Bardon. Sorry, what? You haven’t heard of him? Not many people have. He believed in spirituality, he read and practiced Hermeticism. He was arrested three times in his life for his work, his spirituality and healing. He was born December 1st 1909 in Czechoslovakia. He studied Christian Mysticism and Hermetics. He believed in meditation and herbal healing, which he helped heal people in his town, in fact after his second release from prison he worked next to a hospital to help heal. Hitler had wanted him to work for him, but Franz declined, not believing in Hitler’s dream of the Third Reich, only believing in his own work, of helping people and being part of a spiritual ‘oneness’ with the universe and the divine.

One day I stumbled upon Franz Bardon’s Imitation into Hermetics in an old book store in Totnes, Devon. It truly is an amazing book, even today if you look it up on Amazon he still receives 5 stars for his work, many saying that if you were only to ever buy one book in your life it should be Franz Bardon’s. It is not a novel, per se but an instructional book of how to live within the universe, to co-exist with it perfectly. Don’t get me wrong it’s not easy to work through his lessons which today we would call Mindfulness. They are tough and stringent but if you are determined and follow his teachings, you will look and perceive your life with a renewed clarity, feeling freshly baptized into a new life.

He was not alone either Ralph Waldo Emerson and Isaac Newton were believers too of the Trinity of Hermetics of astrology, alchemy and theurgy. Theurgy consisting of the four contemplations;

  • Hen (τό ἕν), The One: Deity without quality, sometimes called The Good.

  • Nous (Νοῦς), Mind: The Universal consciousness, from which proceeds

  • Psychē (Ψυχή), Soul: Including both individual and world soul, leading finally to

  • Physis (Φύσις), Nature.

This equates to remembering that Law of Correspondence. The Law of Correspondence tells us that our outer world is nothing more than a reflection of our inner world – as within, so without. This is an extraordinary principle and really says that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us. We are what we think… Bearing in mind our thoughts and thinking can so often lie to us. So we learn to become “Mindful” of the mirror within.

Are you ready to heal by becoming mindful?

Are you ready to live in the present, the moment?

Do you believe being mindful is being magic?

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