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5 Ways to Manifest Money and Abundance

We all have times when we struggle financially. I've been there too when we are faced with bills and debts it can feel so overwhelming.

I remember when I was divorcing, at first I felt for my husband because he was older than me and I felt that I would be kind and leave him with over half. So I took a car, one out of five that I had. I left him with our home and moved into a smaller one I owned. Left most of the furniture... well I only took the basics. I had the attitude of I made it all once, hey! I can do it again, right? Wrong.

I moved into my little cottage by the harbour, it was beautiful and idyllic, moving into it I had fun redecorating, refurbishing it... When I had the invite to go to New York I was in two minds...Do I take in a lodger for the company and help with the bills or sell? It was on the market and I had three offers to buy it. What did I do? I did what most people do, I procrastinated... I didn't listen to my instincts and decided to go to New York for three months, telling myself distance and time would help me get out of the overwhelm I was feeling, to make the right decision.

What happened? My ex found out I had left for New York, hired a man with a van and cleaned out my house. Everything apart from a cup, a spoon, a fork and a plate. Yes, he even took my perfume, clothes... The works! Oh, that also included my chequebook. So our first name started with the same letter... Yeah, you already know where this is going. He wrote a check out to himself and wiped out my bank account. He forged my signature on the vehicle documents and had them transferred over to himself and part exchanged them for a new car.

I couldn't go to the police because I had no documents to go with because, yes, he hadn't taken them all. I came back to the UK with a shell of a house and no money in the bank. Broke and penniless.

I knew I had to do something. I sold my house and rented, got a job, wallowed in self-pity for 8 months. I told myself not to worry, it will all come good in the divorce settlement. My ex again had forged my name on documents to refinance the house. There was no equity left in it when it came to listing out any of the home goods, he had even broken most of it. When I asked where my clothes were he said he'd burned them in a bonfire because how dare I leave him... So now I'm burning inside, a pilot light was lit!

I needed money and I needed it now!

I'm often asked how do I manifest money.

Focus On Abundance First of all know your burning desire, not your dark, negative one, the one that shines bright. The one that says I want to pay my bills and debts. The one that says you should be living an abundant life, your dreams, your needs. Now don't think small, think big!

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Flip The Script. Stop the negative talk. It's amazing how often we think about and dwell on the negative. It's just so easy to drop down into a phase of negativity. Every time you start to think about how dire your situation is flip it! Turn it on its head with something positive. Instead of saying “I'm broke” say “I have abundance” “I am abundantly wealthy” or “I'm in so much debt!” to “I am happy, all my bills are paid!”

Sleep Make sure you are getting enough sleep. When we are deprived of sleep, we become irritable. We start eating junk food late at night. Our thoughts run away with us and we start to think irrationally. It becomes a downward spiral. Keeping rose quartz on your nightstand or under your pillow because it's one of the most calming healing crystals out there is the Rose Quartz. It symbolizes love and harmony and will help you overcome emotional stress – the same emotional stress that's causing you to have anxiety. If you are having problems getting a heart shaped rose quartz you can get one here

Smell Money. Touch it, feel it, get to know it. It's your friend! When you feel it close your eyes and feel its vibrations, its energy. How does it feel? Warm? Cold? Light? Heavy? Does it smell? Of what? Metal, paper? It has probably crossed thousands of palm and fingers before it got to you. It holds dreams and wishes of more, of being passed for something tangible, food, heat, a safe place to stay called home. For clothes that were bought to bring pleasure and now it's yours, sitting in your hand. When it is time to pass it onto someone else, think of it as passing on a friend and welcome its friends back to you. Say to it “I am open to receiving more of your friends!” It works. Don't hand over your money with dread of loss, of scarcity because that is what you will draw to yourself. Money is energy. Money is vibrational!

Banish Fear Of Success. Sometimes, we think small, we do! We don't intend to but we do. We have it set in our minds that we are not worthy or good enough. We feel we don't deserve it but we do. Time spent is energy spent. If you have a job, they are not only paying you for your skills but also your time! We all have time, it depends on how we spend it. See? How we spend it! Its energy, money is energy! Thinking is energy, it is the power within us. If we think small, then we get “small” if we think “big” then we get more than we dreamed of it. The energy starts to form, it starts to spiral like a tornado around us. This is the time when we need to banish our fear of success. When you feel the tornado developing, pause, stand a moment and breathe it in. Chant “Money comes to me, money flows to me!” over and over feel the tornado whip up around you, swirling and dancing. Smile, laugh, know the universe hears you!

Let me know how your manifesting is going. If you know anyone who needs this, please share it with them.

Claire Cappetta
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